The Alternative Lives of San Francisco

The city of San Francisco, in the United States, is one of the most expensive in the world, with prices reaching stratospheric numbers, especially at the housing level. With little or no chance of renting an apartment at decent prices, more and more citizens are choosing alternative ways and places to live: cars, caravans, garages and tents.

A recent report states that a San Francisco family will need € 180,000 a year to live comfortably, provided their children, however, attend public schools. The average price of a house, this then is prohibitive: € 900,000.

It was on the basis of these two assumptions that the Chinese-born photographer Wenxin Zhang began her project Goodnight Stories, which led her to visit the alternative homes of several residents of Fog City.

“At first glance, Goodnight Stories looks sweet and romantic, but in fact, people living in alternative situations can have more sad lives,” Zhang explained. “Some are in bankruptcy, poverty, others have health problems or depression. Sometimes being different from most can be awful. ”



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