There are several comments on social networks of supporters of the Islamic state that can be a “strong indicator” of group membership. A masked man made a video warning that “it’s just the beginning.”


The Manchester attack during the Ariana Grande concert has not yet been claimed by any terrorist organization, but comments in groups of supporters of the Islamic state on encrypted social networks are a “strong indicator” of linking to Daesh, says one An American security expert quoted by The Telegraph. There is a video of a masked man, placed in one of these social networks, where it is said that “this is just the beginning”.

The video was placed in a Daesh support group on the Telegram encrypted message platform. The screenshot was taken by Michael S. Smith II, a terrorism analyst who says that this is a “strong indication” that there will be links to the self-proclaimed Islamic state. There were similar festivities in these same forums after the Westminster raid about two months ago.

The masked man, who speaks in English, is pleased to see that “the lions of the Islamic State are beginning to attack all the Crusaders. This is just the beginning. ”

In the social network, other participants in the discussion are happy because “the bombs that the British Air Force dropped over the children of Mosul and Raqqa have just returned to Manchester.” Other participants glued to the group images of trading in foreign exchange markets, showing the drop of the pound sterling against other currencies in a reaction to the attack.


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