The Icelandic metamorphosis

The enigmatic beauty of the caves of Vatnajokull, one of the largest glaciers in Europe, was revealed in all its frozen splendor and generated through the camera of photographer Mikael Buck, brought to this region by guides Einar Runar Sigurdsson and Helen Maria.

This stunning series of photographs features Iceland’s otherworldly ice caves, with their bluish, bubble-like walls resembling an almost underwater scene. The images still capture the flow of the waterfalls, the crystalline cracks and the ice tunnels inside the frozen fortress.

In addition, this series of photographs shows the never-before-seen complexities of the Vatnajokull Ice Caves in Iceland: every year, this glacier changes and changes, revealing complex cave systems that will only exist for a few weeks before they morph again.

“I’ve been exploring these ice caves for years with the Local Guide. Being here is a truly wonderful opportunity. Knowing that you are experiencing a passing phenomenon makes it all the more special – the opportunity to help capture this in all its intricate glory, “explained Helen Maria of Local Guide, Iceland’s oldest mountain guide company , And Sony’s partner in this series of photos.




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