Strange sound coming from the ocean floor


In the Canadian Arctic Archipelago a strange sound, which seems to have originated in the seabed, chased away the marine fauna and put on alert the local population. Canadian military forces have intervened in the case.

It remains a mystery strange sound that seems to come out of the sea in the Strait of Fury and Hecla, the Canadian archipelago of Canada. The phenomenon had sufficient impact to trigger operation of the Canadian military, but according to a statement released by The Guardian, nothing was found.

The truth is that the fauna usually abundant in the area, known as an important hunting area, practically disappeared. Moreover were hunters who gave the alert.

The sound you hear is described as a powerful warning beep. It is speculated if it is to be issued by sonar to search for gas excavation or oil or even and will not be the source of maneuvers of Greenpeace activists to frighten the animals and prevent local hunting. But these latest allegations the environmental organization has denied.


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