The streaming service has already reported the error and is working on an update.

© Reuters
© Reuters

Spotify is slowly eroding its users’ SSD disk while recording data uninterrupted even when it is not in use. By keeping the SSD in constant activity, the disk is worn out and its longevity is inevitably affected.

Spotify has already acknowledged that this is a streaming service error, confirming that you are working on an update to resolve the issue.

“This is a big mistake that currently affects thousands of users. If, for example, Castrol Oil decreased the longevity of your engine by 10 years, I imagine that most users will want to know and that this should be reported, “said Paul Miller of the Swedish streaming service responsible for the discovery.

According to tests conducted by Ars Technica itself, the Spotify application records between 5GB and 10GB of data on the SSD even though it is not in use, something that may unequivocally reflect on the longevity of the computer’s internal storage.


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