From abandoned stable to minimalist house

Urban rehabilitation has rather complex challenges, but they are small compared to the recovery and transformation of one type of building, usually voted for abandonment, in another commercial or housing infrastructure.

This is the case of this small rustic stone stable situated in the Asturian region of Spain, which was transformed into a contemporary house by the PYO Arquitectos studio, based in Madrid.

The Madrid studio used a modern design and minimalist interior to complement the existing stone fa├žade, an inspired work that celebrated the new Casa Tmolo. The house and old stables remained abandoned for 50 years and thus were severely damaged.

PYO Architects rebuilt the facade with white insulation cement and locally purchased stone. The doors and windows were opened on the stone wall and fitted with wooden handles, an homage to the style of the stable doors and beautiful views of the valley below.

The use of cement and stone facade is continued inside the house, consisting of white walls, large windows, stone and wood. The life of the house takes place on the ground floor, leaving to the first floor the three bedrooms.


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