Aircraft carrier transformed into luxury hotel


In 2000, China purchased the aircraft carrier Kiev, one of the Soviet Navy jewelry 1980s Since then, the boat has been in shipyards undergoing major renovations.

However, the purchase of this warship was not for military purposes, but tourist, since the vessel was converted into a luxury hotel.

The purchase was made by Tianjin Port International Recreation, which transformed the old aircraft carrier in a floating hotel with 148 rooms – including two presidential suites, three VIP suites and 137 rooms.


In addition, the Kiev was also equipped with a first class restaurant. The renovated Kiev will not do, however, cruise, as will be anchored in the harbor, serving as a luxury hotel.


The Kiev began his service in the Soviet Navy in December 1972 and was incorporated into the Soviet Northern Fleet. In the heydays, Kiev was able to launch 30 bombers.



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