The South Korean government said today very unlikely to deliver aid to North Korea to ease the serious damage caused by recent floods, due to the situation of political conflict between the two countries.

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“Even if North Korea ask us for help, we believe there are no great possibilities to provide assistance, considering the current situation,” he told Spanish news agency Efe one representative of the Ministry of Unification in Seoul.

So far, the regime of Kim Jong-un did not ask for help to the neighboring country to face the Lionrock typhoon damage, which caused 133 dead and 395 injured, and 100,000 displaced, according to data from Pyongyang published last week by the Red Cross.

The Ministry of South Korean Unification today criticized the fact that “despite having suffered serious damage due to flooding,” North Korea has carried out “shortly after a nuclear test,” referring to the fifth atomic test conducted on 09 September.

Thus, the South Korean government has urged the North to “focus on rehabilitation efforts and well-being of its people instead of spending money on its nuclear program.”

The natural disaster occurred in late August, in the northeast, also damaged about 35,000 homes, 24,000 of which were totally destroyed – 140,000 people still need urgent help.

Several international organizations, including the Red Cross and UN humanitarian agencies working in the restoration of areas affected by flooding.

Among the organizations providing aid to North Korea there is no South Korea, as Seoul imposes restrictions on bilateral trade due to strained relations, derived from missile and nuclear tests of Pyongyang.



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