The Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, openly expressed its intention to follow the path of augmented reality applications.

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The sudden success of Pokémon Go ‘inspired’ Sony to start betting more on the mobile market, especially in augmented reality applications.

So says the very Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, who did know that Japanese technology is “entering aggressively” in the area of video games mobile.

“It’s a big change from being just a business based console to also be on mobile devices,” said Hirai told the Financial Times.

“Pokemon Go is really a big change. I am very interested in having the potential to literally change the way people move “, said the executive who already highlighted a Sony studio to develop this kind of application.

Even if it is an application based on a Nintendo competitor series, Pokémon Go was widely praised by Kaz Hirai, who pointed out as an “innovative idea that will raise all of the video games industry boats,” adding that the format can be applied to “properties intellectuals numbers Playstation titles. “


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