A smart aquarium that cleans itself


Cleaning aquariums is a task that annoys many fish owners. But this can be a chore of the past because a young British designer invented an aquarium that never needs cleaning, just as it is not necessary to change the water or the filter. It is only necessary to replenish the water that will naturally evaporate and feed the fish.


This is the concept created by Loughborough University student, Suzy Shelley. The aquarium is called Avo and has a capacity of 15 liters, being equipped with a technology that allows fish, plants and bacteria to work together to create a balanced ecosystem.


The bottom of the aquarium is constantly moving, allowing you to recycle the old bacteria into food for the plants that grow in the aquarium, creating space for new bacteria to thrive.


“Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are naturally removed from the water, which means that water never needs to be changed,” says the student.


The aquarium has an intelligent LED lamp optimized for the photosynthesis and growth of the plants, which allow keeping the water clean.


The bulb turns soft red in the morning, white in the daytime and blue in the evening. The aquarium is designed for tropical fish, with a constant water temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

The plants are arranged in seven vessels so they are easy to maintain and move, which allows changing the look of the tank.


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