The surreal, scary and extra-terrestrial city

In 2008, the urban explorer Ric Gazarian worked in the financial world and, because of the crisis, ended up, like so many others, fired. It was the year Lehman Brothers imploded and professional uncertainty led him to make a decision which he says he never regretted: meeting new countries.

Years later, the now blogger Gazarian remains passionate about traveling and has been to 92 countries, including Portugal. But of all his travels, for Gazarian the most terrifying experience he lived was in Chernobyl, Ukraine, where he spent only one night and paid around € 340 for overnight accommodation in a prefabricated hostel.

At the epicenter of the nuclear tragedy, Gazarian lived surreal, scary, and extraterrestrial experiences. He saw abandoned day care centers and hospital operation desks. Buildings destroyed and, oddly enough, some other tourists. “I hesitated before going to Chernobyl. But after some research I felt I was not in danger during my two-day visit. I just could not drink water, “he told Mail Online.

In a 17-story building, the blogger explored apartments and saw the destruction caused not only by the explosion, but also by the subsequent abandonment. “I saw a piano on the floor of a room and the toys of a young man on the floor of his room. And I realized that nature is more powerful than man. She can see herself covering the streets and walks of a real ghost town, “he concluded.

In all, Gazarian explored 200 abandoned buildings. See the photo report.


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