Life in paradise is something else


It combines the latest trends in sustainability in environmental harmony that puts a level close to perfection. How should an ecovillage? Just like this.


Designed by Atelier John Gilbert Arquitects, the Findhorn Ecovillage, located in Findhorn in northwest Scotland, impresses the visitors and fully corresponds to the expectations of its inhabitants.


Each house was built in order to get the most out of direct sunlight, but is also fueled by wind power.


All sustainability concepts for the organization at work and leisure were adopted, with co-working spaces, but also conditions to work from home. A communal kitchen enables those who wish, cook out.


Built on land that belonged to an old farm, the houses also are equipped with a heating system powered by a heat pump that regulates room temperature with high efficiency.


Around the houses, there are areas of cultivation, but the work in the field obey all procedures that respect the environment. None of the pollutants, no chemical fertilizers. No one there wants to live according to other rules. Life in paradise is something else.



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