The European Space Agency (ESA) signed today a contract to Arianespace for the launch in November of next year, its satellite ADM-Aeolus, which will increase from five to six days weather forecast with great accuracy.

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The main innovation of ADM-Aeolus is an instrument dubbed Aladin (Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument), which has a laser that can measure “the wind,” explained an ESA spokesman, quoted by Efe, the agency Spanish news.

Thanks to the complex signals laser that will equipped (which collect the impulses reflected by aerosols and clouds and the molecular reflexes), the satellite reconstitute three-dimensional images of the wind fields.

This will help to make more accurate weather forecasts on a global scale and, above all, increase the period of these five predictions for six days, an advance that in the past was believed to be the result of between six and eight years of work.

The ADM-Aeolus, which will weigh about 1,400 kilograms at take-off, will be placed in a sun-synchronous orbit at 320 kilometers altitude by a rocket See operated by the European consortium Arianespace, which will be launched from the Kuru base in French Guiana.

Manufactured by Airbus group, the new satellite is composed of three modules: the Aladin-based platform used for the Mars Express and the solar panel.


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