The South Korean technology increased the difference to Apple in the smartphone market. During the last quarter, Samsung sold nearly 77 million mobile phones. The apple company has gotten himself by 44.5 million.

Apple again lost ground to Samsung competitor in the global market for smartphones in the second quarter. According to the latest data from Gartner, the US technology and Xiaomi were the two top marks five manufacturers to register the largest reduction in turnover compared to the same period 2015.

The first place ranking back to belong to Samsung, according to the consultant, managed to sell almost 78 million phones, 32 million more than Apple. A year ago, the difference between the two companies stood at 24 million devices.

As with the Xiaomi, the biggest drop of the iPhone has been registered in China (less 26%) where lesser-known Asian manufacturers like Vivo or Oppo have won adherents.

In the same report, the consultant gives also has the reflection of these values in the shares of mobile operating systems. Between April and June, Android captured 86.2% market share thanks to almost 300 million mobile devices sold.

Windows and Blackberry combined could not, even reach a percentage point. IOS came down from 14.6% the same quarter of 2015 to 12.9% this year.

Overall, it was sold about 344 million smartphones Samsung and Huawei to record large increases in sales. The Oppo Chinese completed the top five after an increase of nearly 10.5 million sales.


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