Donald Trump fired James Comey from the FBI command. His replacement, Andrew McCabe, assured the Senate that “there was no effort to stop the investigation” to the Trump-Russia link.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The FBI has not yet recovered from the compulsive withdrawal of its former director, James Comey, and interim director Andrew McCabe is being heard in the US Congress – along with senior US intelligence officials. Following the changes introduced by Donald Trump, McCabe is being confronted with questions about the organization’s internal functioning and the (alleged) relationship between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. And he left the guarantee: “There was no effort to stop our investigation until now.”

In addition to trumping the Trump administration, McCabe has also left assurances that the investigative body that he directs temporarily is not shaken by pressure. “Put simply, it is not possible to prevent the FBI men and women from doing the right thing, protecting the American people and defending the Constitution,” the interim director said in response to a question from Senator Marco Rubio.

James Comey’s replacement process is underway, fast-paced, after the former director received a letter from the American president informing him that he was being relieved of his duties. “It can not effectively lead” US intelligence services, said Donald Trump.

This Thursday, the Washington Post reports, McCabe – former Comey number two – will join the Senate information committee accompanied by nearly all senior FBI officials responsible for detecting and preventing Russian spies on US soil or Authorities of that country. The group includes CIA director Mike Pompeo, director of the national information department, Daniel Coats, the director of the national security agency, Mike Rogers, among others.

The expectation is, therefore, great. Several officials, most notably McCabe, will be able to give new clues about the work underway at the FBI regarding the investigation into the links between the hard core of the now-US president during the campaign and Russian officials.

More than the details of the investigation, the interim FBI director will be able to account for the ability of services to ensure their independence from political power – a guarantee that Congress looks forward to, especially to counteract the suspicions that Trump’s action , Dismissing Comey, aimed precisely at weakening the FBI and affecting ongoing investigations.

At this point, Michael Flynn is the clearest indicator that some kind of contact has occurred between the two parties. The national security adviser was forced to file his resignation after it was proven that he had potentially illegal contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States and omitted that information from Vice President Mike Pence. But it was not just contacts. Flynn was also accused of receiving payments from companies with connections to Moscow.



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