The founder of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, denied that the Russian government has been the source of the publication of e-mail messages from the Democratic candidate for the White House, Hillary Clinton, in an interview broadcast today on Russian television.
© Reuters
© Reuters

“The Clinton camp was able to design a ‘neo-McCarthyism’ hysteria that Russia is responsible for everything,” Assange said.

Hillary Clinton “declares falsely that 17 US agencies consider that Russia is the source of our publications,” he claimed, adding that this is “false.”

“We can say that the Russian Government is not the source,” said the founder of the WikiLeaks website, from the Ecuador embassy in London, where for nearly four years.

In recent months, WikiLeaks published more than 30,000 ’emails’ Hillary Clinton a private server that you used when he served as secretary of state.

In addition, the portal reported about 20,000 e-mails sent and received by members of the Democratic National Committee.


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