Rotary solar panel


A new model of solar panels allows the production of energy in much smaller spaces. Its high level of efficiency results from the combination of its conical shape with technology that turns them in tune with the sun.

Called V3Solar, the revolving solar panels work intelligently. They combine photovoltaic cells with lenses and mechanical rotation to capture the maximum amount of solar energy.

The equipment is formatted by two overlapping cones. The first, on the inside, contains hundreds of connected triangular photovoltaic cells and a static lens concentrator. The second, which corresponds to the outer walls, is formed by a series of tubular lenses.

The rotating cone is fixed at an angle of 56 °, allowing sunlight to be used at any time of the day and at all seasons.

When lenses or mirrors are used to reflect the sun at a single point, there is a risk of system overheating, which reduces production efficiency.

To prevent this situation the V3Solar features an automatic revolving system, which helps to take advantage of the brightness without overheating the cells. Tests carried out showed that the temperature of the equipment does not exceed 35ºC.

Still in the prototype stage, the equipment is already being negotiated for later production on a large scale.


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