Patience Chukwu and eight weeks son are both suffering from the consequences of a traumatic birth.

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It has been eight weeks since the Patience Chukwu baby was born. This time, remarkable for any woman who gives birth, also went to Patience, but in a very different level.

The Independent says that Patience Chukwu, already in labor, followed in the street the way to the hospital in Hackney, on the morning of the 26th of June.

Here is not when the woman, 40, is approached by a young man who was traveling by bicycle, who tried to rob him on the phone.

In the middle of the round, Patience was dragged by the thief on the road, despite having shouted that she was pregnant. “He was pulling me and drag me with the bike and I just begged: ‘Please, I’m in labor, as you can see I’m pregnant.’ “He did not want to hear, not want to stop,” described.

Trying to protect the belly with his hands, Patience struggled and the assailant eventually fled. When Patience arrived at the hospital, taken by the police, she underwent an emergency Caesarean section, but due to the cliffhanger that his mother had passed, the midwives did not immediately find the baby’s heartbeat, forcing him to stay in the incubator.

Now, both are at home. But both one and the other are suffering the consequences of the assault. The baby (Ozil) suffers from seizures that doctors believe to be linked to the day of the injury he was born. Already Chukwu, is suffering from depression and anxiety.

However, the police are looking for the suspect, describing it as a black race man, aged between 18 and 20 years old, with brown eyes and shaved hair.


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