The President of the United States of America will not declassify a US Senate report on the use of torture techniques by the CIA but will keep a copy in the White House library.

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The revelation was made in a letter from an Obama adviser sent to a senator who is the vice chairman of the Senate’s intelligence committee, according to which Obama has decided that the material will remain confidential for another 12 years.

Faced with concerns that the next US President, Donald Trump, could destroy all copies of the 2014 report, the same letter, released by the White House on Monday, ensures that the 6,700-page document will be recorded and Preserved in the presidential library.

The intelligence report details allegations of torture used by the CIA in interrogations following the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.

The document, which was only partially revealed (500 pages) by the Senate in 2014, reports that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) conducted “more brutal” interrogations than those that had been initially reported.

The period in which George W. Bush was in power (2001-2009) was the most “muscled” by the intelligence services which, according to the report, were responsible for acts of torture, illegal prisons. The document also runs counter to the thesis that the methods used were effective in obtaining information.

The techniques used by the CIA were banished by Obama shortly after coming to power.

Copies of the report had been distributed to some members of the US secret services, but by 2015, when Republicans regained control of the Senate committee that drafted the document, the new committee chairman tried to retrieve all copies.

The Democrats, in turn, called for the report to be disqualified, saying the Republicans wanted to destroy it.

Obama’s decision to preserve a copy in the presidential library ensures that a copy will not be destroyed.


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