What happens when a designer, Maarten Baas, leads two teams from the same studio of architecture, Van Aken Architecten in the Netherlands, to recreate a residential area – De Bakermat Plaza in Eindhoven – once considered the ugliest fourth of country of tulips?

The answer lies in the two pictures you can see in our gallery. The first proposal, referred The Sketch consists of a series of towers with different shapes and sizes, but function as a single structure.

The second House – UP, has a more refined and traditional design, with white frame windows and whose buildings appear to be safe by stilts. “This last design had as a backdrop follow the traditional history of the city, but with a modern air,” explains Inhabitat.

The two proposals, continues the site, were based on the designation of “ugly building” existing. Ie, new buildings continued purposely ugliness tradition of space so that it became something iconic.

The winning bid turned out to be the first – The Sketch. “[Design] captured the history of Eindhoven: the union of six small villages that make up a city,” said the jury of Design Week in the Netherlands. And the jury is decided.


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