The end to the Holocaust only come with the end of World War II and the consequent defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies.

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Millions of Jews were killed in an extermination mission developed mass and carried out by Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler.

When the war ended, the vast majority of Jews was too devastated to think of some kind of vengeance on his enemies.

However, a group of 50 people decided he had to do revenge into their own hands and developed a plan to murder the Nazis who were in captivity in a US prison camp located in Nuremberg, Germany.

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, the leader of the ‘avengers’ group, Joseph Harmatz, explained that the plan was to use the nearby bakery field.

In other words, the Jews joined arsenic to bread that was sent to the prison camp to thereby manage to poison the Nazis who were there.

But the plan, for reasons that were never discovered, was not successful. Several prisoners felt ill after they had eaten the poisoned bread, but none died.

The Associated Press, Joseph Harmatz, 91, revealed that his only regret for that time of revenge was that he had failed to kill any Nazi, a feeling that lingers after 71 years.




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