If the electorate usually complains of unfulfilled promises, this time everyone wants the reverse (at least those who make themselves heard in the anti-Trump protests).

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After the shock of Donald Trump’s victory in the US election, the question everyone asks is whether, in the role of President, the Republican will deliver on the promises he made.

According to the Independent, if we look at the average pledges made by previous presidents, Donald Trump will advance with two-thirds of what he promised in the campaign.

In recent years, PolitiFact has examined more than 500 promises Barack Obama made in the two presidential campaigns and came to the conclusion that he has served about 70 percent of them.

And Obama is no exception. Republican leaders made 53 pledges before reaching Congress in 2010, and 68 percent of what they pledged somehow did.

This, moreover, is not a trend of modern times where one can speak of greater scrutiny and transparency. If we look back and dwell on the literature on political allegiance, the conclusion is the same all over the world: politicians serve two-thirds of what they promise.

Recall that yesterday, in an interview with the program ’60 Minutos’, Donald Trump said he would immediately expel three million illegal immigrants. This was after, in a first phase, many judged that Trump’s speech had moderated after the election victory.


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