The “Micio” the first quantum telecommunications satellite of the world, has already sent its first data to the control center in Beijing.

These preliminary data, with 202 megabytes and “good quality”, were received at 11.56 hours (local time) by the remote control station that the Chinese space program is in the town of Miyun, north of Beijing, advanced the official news agency Xinhua.

The main mission of the satellite is trying to convey to earth and receive from this quantum photons, which in theory can not be separated or duplicated, which can be the basis for an armored communication to “hackers”.

China plans to build in the short term, a quantum communication network two thousand kilometers between Beijing and Shanghai, the two major cities of the country, to be used by government agencies and banks.

The satellite, named after the scientist and optical of Ancient China, who 2,500 years ago invented the first camera obscura, was released on Tuesday from the Jiuquan launch center in the Gobi desert in northwest China.

The Chinese space program has received a major financial support from Beijing, while the 13th five-year plan defines the quantum technology as one of the main key areas for research.



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