Vladimir Putin rejects Kremlin influence in US elections, but admits that independent “patriots” may be making their contribution against those who say evil of Russia.


President Vladimir Putin has admitted for the first time the possibility of Russian computer attacks to try to influence the US election campaign in which Donald Trump was elected, but says that if they happened, they were not perpetrated by the Kremlin, but Yes by independent Russian patriots.

According to the New York Times, Vladimir Putin has admitted this possibility during a meeting between news agencies in St. Petersburg, but says that hackers “are like artists” because they choose their targets “depending on the form How they feel when they wake up in the morning. ”

“If they have patriotic sense, they begin to make their contribution – which is correct from their point of view – in the fight against those who say bad things about Russia,” he said.

The comments are a change in the Russian president’s speech, which denied any Russian intervention in US elections, but denied any kind of intervention by the Kremlin. “We are not doing this at the state level,” he said.



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