€ 1.5 billion is the amount that Canada will invest to protect the country’s coastline and marine ecosystems, including pollution of hydrocarbons.

In an announcement by the prime minister, Justin Trudeau stated that the country will make a significant financial investment in this regard, since “Canada has the largest coastal extension in the world and it is no secret that we do not do enough to protect it.”

With economic development the risk of pollution in the area increases significantly, hence the country’s government is betting on preventive measures to protect ecosystems, and provide services with a rapid response capacity in case of an environmental emergency.

The opposition government, however, argues that the plan presented for the protection of the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic coast could go even further.

“Tankers must be interdicted immediately and permanently along the coast of British Columbia in the west of the country,” said Fin Donnelly, deputy head of fisheries and the oceans of the New Left Democratic Party.

The money will be spent over five years from 2017-18 and includes funding to create a maritime safety system, restore marine ecosystems and use new methods and research to clean up oil spills.


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