A restaurant that mixes with the white of the landscape

Atelier Murman Arkitekter, Stockholm, has developed a 350-square-meter restaurant built in the ski resort of Hemavan, a family-run accommodation in northern Sweden. The prefabricated restaurant – and transported to the venue – awaits climbers at the top of a snow slope and offers panoramic views of the mountain as well as a menu of local produce and drinks from Lapland.

Located near a line of birches, the restaurant is a true magnet on the resort, for its unique look and camouflage on the spot.

According to the Inhabitat, architects were inspired by the culture of the indigenous peoples, Finno-Ugric, and their triangular glulam. The ingrime volume allows the snow to stay on the ends and helps the building to blend in with the landscape. The panels of untreated wood develop, in turn, a beautiful cassock over time, becoming the color of the landscape.

The interior is simple and minimalist, including wood – also – untreated, used on tables and chairs. The floor has carpet to prevent the climbers from slipping and the large glass windows let in natural light. The restaurant can accommodate up to 80 guests on two floors.


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