The Pope warned today against the contradiction of a society that the more progress has more people are excluded, in uttering the homily of the mass it dedicated to the poor and the homeless.

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In St Peter’s Basilica, facing the hundreds of people who are homeless or living through their help, Francis underlined “the tragic contradiction of the present age” which is “the more progress and possibilities increase, which is good, the more people They do not have access to them. ”

Pope Francis also criticized a society that is becoming accustomed to “this kind of disengagement” and in which “the conscience is numb and attention is not paid to the brother who suffers close to or to the serious problems of the world, which become only one Cantilena already heard in the headlines of the newspapers or in the television news “.

“To exclude is to turn away from God. A symptom of spiritual sclerosis is when the focus is on the things that need to be produced instead of the people you have to love,” he said.

Francis, who instituted this Holy Year dedicated to Mercy – which ends on November 20 – wanted to close it with this jubilee dedicated to people in a situation of precariousness.

“It is a great injustice that has to worry us, much more than knowing when and how the end of the world will be,” he said, adding that “one can not rest at home while Lazarus lies prostrate at the door, there is no peace in the house Of what is good, when justice is lacking in everyone’s house. ”

The Pope emphasized that the “Church points to the magnifying glass” especially “the forgotten and excluded brother” because, “by right and also by evangelical duty, the task is to take care of the true wealth that the poor are.”

He recalled that today some holy doors, which opened on December 8, 2015, at the beginning of the Jubilee, will be closed, and urged all Catholics to “depart from distractions, interests and privileges, attachment to power and To glory, to the seduction of the spirit of the world. ”

In the homily, Francis also appealed not to be “deceived by the apocalytic preachers,” adding that “he who follows Jesus ignores the prophets of misfortune, the frivolity of horoscopes, predictions that generate fears, distracting attention from what really matters “.


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