It was the 34th evacuation that took place since June 2015 in Paris. This Friday, police withdrew 2771 refugees from the streets of northern Paris where they were encamped.


French police have expelled 2771 immigrants who were camped out on the streets of Porte de la Chapelle, a northern part of Paris, the French daily Le Figaro reported Friday. There were 161 women and children out of the total number of people removed.

These illegal camps pose a safety and public health risk to both occupants and local residents, “police said in a statement.

The evacuation was started around 5:30 am local time and finished shortly after 9:30 am. The operation mobilized almost 350 police and was carried out in an orderly manner. This evacuation is the 34th since June 2015 in Paris.

Many of the immigrants were refugees from countries like Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan, who were waiting for the opportunity to cross the English Channel to settle in the UK, the BBC reports. The immigrants were taken by bus and taken to temporary housing, including the gyms in Paris.


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