It costs around 30 euros and already sells, for example, in the Amazon.

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Fever of Pokémon Go hit hard, but the reality is that is already passing. Many are the people who are leaving to play the hottest game in recent months and this has worried its creators.

To return to attract the attention of lovers of hunting of Pokémon, the creators developed a device for those who have not so much free time to walk down the street. It called Pokémon Plus and costs 31 euros.

And what is the news itself? With this device is hardly need to do anything to hunt Pokemon.

It works with Bluetooth LE technology (low energy consumption) and communicates with the mobile phone, making a kind of Pokémon master work.

The device vibrates when you have a Pokéstop nearby, just after the player press a button to capture the Pokémon.

Needless to throw the Poké Balls to capture the creatures. The Plus vibrates when a Pokemon appears, and again with a click is made the attempt to capture. However, they are not always captured. For this reason, you need to open the game to see if in fact the Pokemon was caught.

The Pokémon Go Plus is available in online selling sites like Amazon, Nintendo and GameStop UK and in some retail stores in the United States, explains the TechMundo site, where the race to the accessory has been very great.




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