Plastic Tiles


They are more resistant, cheaper and better preserve the ambient temperature. Plastic shingles are asserting themselves as a trend that will give way to many “long life” packaging.

The largest long-life packaging producer in the world, Tetra Pak, to combat waste accumulation, has since 1999 developed a system for pressing the material from which its packaging is made.

Hard to recycle, the layers of plastic and aluminum – which we see, for example, in milk packages – once pressed began to assert themselves as an alternative to traditional tiles.

The cheaper, more resistant and more able to preserve the heat inside the houses, the technology that transforms them aims to take advantage of the noble materials present in the packages and to take advantage of its main characteristics: durability and impermeability.

In addition to shingles, the pressing of long-life packaging also produces rigid boards that can be used as coatings, sidings, and other lightweight structures. In Brazil alone there are more than 15 companies that manufacture this type of roof tiles, but the practice is becoming more widespread in the world.


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