The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, today offered a reward of two million pesos (about 38,000 euros) for each agent involved police in drug trafficking and encouraged the population to denounce them.


“Would you be willing to set a bounty on their heads, the police protecting groups [traffickers] drugs,” Duterte said in a televised speech.

“Sell those friends. I want the police and the armed forces destroy the drug unit in this country,” he added.

The Philippine President reiterated the defense of his controversial campaign against drugs, that the first two months caused some two thousand dead, and guaranteed the impunity of agents that carry out.

“They have my support, will have all that is needed to fight the criminals. If you follow my instructions, do not have to worry about criminal consequences (…) I will go to jail for you. I take full legal responsibility” He assured.

“I will be hard as ever I was. I’m not going to give in. The campaign will continue. I will end this war against corruption, drugs and crime,” said the President.

The war against drugs, led by Duterte, was the target of criticism, including the UN, both the high number of dead as by what they consider human rights and fundamental freedoms violations.



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