Sleep on the heights


Sacred Valley of the Incas is a route to reach the famous “lost city” Inca Machu Picchu in Peru. There is the Skylodge, one of the most fascinating hotels ever, the difference in structure, but especially by sight impossible to match.


At 400 meters high, the suspended hotel will not be a viable option for all tourists, but the more adventurous this is for “the” hotel to visit.


Discover this lost space between hills and valleys is in itself a huge adventure. There are no roads there, the only way to reach the desired destination is so even climbing with the help of steel and iron steps cables.


In time to come though, the problem of lack of accessibility appears again but this time the check-out is made per slide.


Yes, read well, the only way down is to put belongings on his back and let it slide down a vertiginous descent. Positive point? The best view you can imagine.


The micro hotel has a capacity of eight people at most, which are housed in small transparent capsules integrated in nature masterfully.


Each capsule has only 7.5 meters long and 2.50 m in height and width, a little stuffy, but the panoramic views of the Sacred Valley will imagine us one of those experiences to save a special place in our memory.


The idea came from the company Natura Vive, project created by some young businessmen and lovers of nature, which here have created a hotel that goes directly to our list of “hotels to visit at least once in life.”





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