The beautiful Budapest

Photographer Mark Mervai has spent the last few years searching for the perfect light of Budapest, Hungary’s capital. And from the right moment to take that photograph that fills your heart and will remain in your memory as a reminder of that historic and beautiful city.

According to the photographer told the Bored Panda, the sunrise is the magic height of the city. “It’s the most beautiful moment. The sun appears on the horizon and the day begins with a couple of colorful minutes, “he explained. The sunset is another special moment. “The last light of day symbolizes a special moment. It’s a thank you from nature for another beautiful day, “he argues.

Mervai says that looking for these two moments is the great challenge of her life. Then you have to share them with your friends and later with the rest of the people. “The beauty of nature and the lights are a great gift from Mother Earth to us. You do not need words, just let the pictures speak for them, “he concluded.


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