The ride of a giant tortoise

The turtle is the ideal animal for anyone who wants a pet companion who gives little work and is quiet. But have you thought about what happens if the turtle has grown over the years and reached unexpected proportions? This inhabitant of Tokyo, Japan, shows you what to do.

The residents of the capital claim to have seen a man walking his giant tortoise through the streets of the city and the truth is that there are photos that prove it, as the Bored Panda shows. It seems that this elderly Japanese has its African spur-turtle for many years given the size of the animal.

The African spur tortoise is native to the southern Sahara desert, but seems perfectly comfortable with the streets of Tokyo. In addition to having decided to walk an animal that is not accustomed to the cities, this Japanese is still the most patient owner in the world, since turtles are not known for their speed.


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