An American pastor known for claiming that natural disasters are sent by God to punish gays had the house inundated by a flood in Louisiana.


Tony Perkins said he was forced to leave his home in a canoe with his family. He shared photos on Facebook and talked about the case in a podcast.

“This is a flood of almost biblical proportions,” said Perkins to Christian group Family Research Council, controversial for his anti-gay agenda.

“We had to escape from our house on Saturday canoe. There were about three meters of water in the garage exit. Our house was filled, filled our cars,” he said.

In 2015, he interviewed the Messianic Jewish extremist pastor Jonathan Cahn, who told him that the hurricane Joaquin, in his trip to Hawaii last year was a “sign of God’s wrath.”

In the interview, Kahn said the storm was a sign that God was angry with the legalization of gay marriage and abortion and the relationship between the United States and Israel.

Perkins agrees, adding that “God is trying to send us a message.”

The pastor, who came to run for the US Senate also has called pedophilia a “homosexual problem.”

The Red Cross described the flooding in Louisiana as the worst natural disaster in the US since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Thirteen people died in the US and thousands were trapped in their homes and cars.

The singer Taylor Swift donated $ 1 million to the victims. “The fact that so many people are forced to leave their homes this week in Louisiana is that from the heart,” she said.


  1. Such are the events in store for modern day Pharisees. We all, Christian and non Christian alike live in a fallen world. But since God pulled me into His Kingdom around 25 years ago, the more I have also learned of God’s will, the more I have learned how far short of subjugating my own will to that of God.
    I take no pleasure in seeing anyone who names themselves a follower of God fall. John Calvin, on hearing that a someone he knew was caught up in a sinful scandal said, “Today it is him. Tomorrow I might fall.”
    Christianity has nothing to do with how we act or blaming bad weather on wicked people. These so called leaders of their “flocks” are all in for an eternal reality check if they think that becoming a Christian makes you a better person than someone else. Quite the opposite, God has made me to see myself for who I really am, and yet He not only died for this wicked person, but has imputed His perfect Righteousness to me .
    The only thing I can do is to attempt to live a life of gratitude. If wicked people are responsible for the weather, then the Pastor just proved his own point. The “good” Pastor would do well to reread 1st Peter 5:17-19 again and stop trying to be a Christian “Shaman”.


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