For many (usually many), flowers are the best gifts you can receive. It represents love, friendship, tenderness, but in most cases is only offered on special occasions. Erin Benzakein being surrounded by fantastic flowers, a fragrant combination of wonderful smells is the day-to-day, so special way, sharing on his Instagram.


Covered trucks of flowers, daffodils buckets, arms full of peonies look like the backdrop of an enchanted dream, but it is exactly what Erin lets us know.


Florist, photographer, writer and mother of two children, Erin has his hands full. After leaving the big city in search of a simpler life, closer to the earth, Erin began to plant some sweet peas in the yard, a tribute to the great-grandmother.


From an early age had been presented to the smell of freshly ground water, plants to bloom when it comes to spring, and as soon as the first seed planted in the back of the house gave signs, Erin knew he had found his vocation.


This passion for flowers has become the business of the whole family, Floret Flowers, and now also have a huge farm with design studios and learning centers where you can learn all the precepts of the fantastic botanical.

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