old bus transformed into low-cost house


Two Israeli women saw an opportunity where many others would see only metal debris. Tali Shaul a psychotherapist, and Hagit Morevski, an ecologist, decided to save the life of an old public bus, preventing it to be dismantled and ended up in a scrap, and turned it into a living space, amazing luxury, for those who really need a home.


Access to housing is a problem in Israel, and as such, this pair of friends did not waste the opportunity to create an affordable home while avoiding the increase of waste in landfills.


The idea for the bus conversion came when the two saw an article about alternative housing solutions in a women’s magazine, writes Inhabitat. In the same week, the two friends went to a junkyard and bought an old public bus.


To preserve the old transport architecture, and Shaul Morevski decided to design the entire interior based on bus design. To do so resorted to the help of Vered Drori Sofer, a friend designer.


By adapting the ideas they had for new housing to the space, while preserving the existing windows, interior doors and wheel arches, the team managed to keep the character of the bus and turn it into a room with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, pantry and air conditioning.


Now all these friends Israelis need is to find a local buyer who can not financially support their housing and be willing to opt for a cheaper alternative or people looking for a new home different from conventional.



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