US President Barack Obama has warned today of the widespread rise of “rude nationalism” in the world following the election of Donald Trump in the United States or the “Brexit” in the United Kingdom.

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© Reuters

Obama was speaking in Athens today, in what will be his last trip in Europe as US Head of State.

“We will have to protect ourselves against the rise of a kind of rude nationalism or an ethnic or tribal identity that is built around the notion ‘we’ and ‘they’,” Barack Obama said during a joint press conference with the first – Greek minister Alexis Tsipras, after referring to the election of Donald Trump, Brexit and the leader of the National Front, the French Marine Le Pen.

The head of state, however, called for “no parallelism” between the leader of the National Front and British Prime Minister Theresa May, a conservative policy “very traditional.”

On the choice of his successor, Obama said that “sometimes people just have the urge to try something to see if that can change everything.”

“And I think that played a major role” in the November 8 election result, he continued.

At the same press conference, Obama admitted being “surprised” by the outcome of the US election and the Republican candidate’s victory.

“I do not feel responsible for what the President-elect says or does, but rather during the transition period to present my best ideas to take the country forward and to talk about things that I think the Republican Party is Wrong, “he said.

Obama has also argued that his “vision” about the inclusion of minorities in the United States is “right” and that while he “does not win in the short term,” he will be victorious in the long run.

After a two-day visit to Greece, Obama travels to Germany where he will be welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


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