Barack Obama recalled that this year the FBI had made a “thorough” investigation into the use of Hillary Clinton a private server e-mail to handle official business


The US President, Barack Obama defended on Wednesday that police investigations should not be guided by “insinuations” policies, referring to the reopening by the FBI for an investigation into the emails of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton .

“I made a very conscious effort to assure me that does not seem that I am meddling in what is supposed are to be independent processes to make such decisions,” Obama said in an interview with digital portal Now This News after the FBI announcement .

“But I think, yes, there is a rule that when there are investigations, we do not work based on insinuations, or on incomplete information and in information leakage. We work based on concrete decisions have been taken,” he added.

The head of the US State recalled that the FBI has done this year an investigation “thorough” about the use by Hillary Clinton a private server e-mail to handle official business, while Secretary of State of his first government (2009 -2013).

“And the conclusion, at the time, the FBI, the conclusion of the Justice Department, the completion of several investigations in Congress was that she had made some mistakes, but that there was nothing there to justify a court case,” said Obama.

The White House has avoided fuel the controversy about the letter sent last Friday to members of Congress by FBI director James Comey, informing them that they were being investigated new emails possibly related to the use of a server private Hillary Clinton.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest, broadcast on Obama Monday did not believe that Comey was “intentionally” trying to influence the outcome of the presidential elections on November 8, announcing this research, and who refused to “defend” or “criticize” such a decision.

In the interview, Obama considered that the issue of e-mail messages Hillary became “a political controversy” and that, given the long political career of former Secretary of State often “people say absurd things about her.”

“And if you make a mistake, a mistake without bad faith, it turns out to be oversized, like crazy,” said the president, reiterating his “absolute confidence in the integrity” of the candidate of his party to succeed him in White House.

Officials of the Department of Justice assert that there will be no public statements on the investigation until it is completed, which most likely will not happen before the election day, November 8, since, according to some media reports, the authorities have to analyze about 650,000 email messages.

These new emails were discovered by the FBI on laptop former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was boyfriend of one of the closest aides to Hillary, Huma Abedin, and the authorities are to ascertain how many of them are relevant to research on presidential candidate democrat.



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