Of the 98 people that clemency was granted, 42 counted by life imprisonment


The US President commuted the prison sentence of 98 people, all with federal convictions for drug trafficking, reaching the largest number granted by an agent in a year 688, announced today the White House.

“These people – many of them made mistakes at an early age – worked diligently to rehabilitate during the jail time,” said Neil Eggleston, presidential adviser, said in a statement.

Eggleston stated that, of the 98 people that clemency was granted, 42 counted by life imprisonment, so the news today reverses of “special significance” when they know that “may return to their families and communities.”

However, not all will be released immediately, as some will wait until 2018 and others should meet before a detoxification program.

During the mandate, Barack Obama appeals to your executive power to commute the sentence to a total of 872 prisoners, and in August had done the same with 214 detainees.

Its 11 predecessors in the White House commute together a total of 715 convictions.

Still, repeatedly criticized “the problems of mass incarceration” and said the US judicial system is “not as fair as it should be.”

Obama defends long been a reform of the criminal justice system, in order to reduce the sentences of those convicted of nonviolent crimes related to drugs, primarily affecting Hispanics and blacks.


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