The energy with nature


Norway already produces enough renewable energy to respond to its demand for electricity – through wind, hydro or geothermal sources – but continues to build power plants.


This is the case of the Ovre Forsland station, built in the mountains of Helgeland, a province near the Arctic Circle. Although few have lived there, the area is visited by thousands of tourists due to its wonderful landscapes.

The hydroelectric station produces 30 gigawatts of energy and tries to go unnoticed, confused with the surrounding landscape.


“The factory was designed to reflect the characteristics of the landscape, which is located on a riverbed in a clearing near a forest. The main inspiration for the design was the verticality and irregularity of the firs, “Robin Soderkvist of Stein Hamre arkitektkontor, the company responsible for the project, told Quartz.


One of the objectives of building a power station at this location is to educate tourists on hydroelectric power. The design incorporates local wood, stone, slate and glass.


The plant is owned by Helgelands Krafy and is part of a series of power plants designed to blend in with the landscape while generating clean energy.


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