Kim Jong-un said that the ballistic missile that North Korea launched toward the Sea of Japan was a gift for the “bastards of the Americans” who celebrated Independence Day.

Korea has been conducting several missile launch tests in recent months

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told the KCNA news agency that the ballistic missile he launched on Tuesday toward the Sea of Japan was a pledge to “the bastards of the Americans” on the day that the United States United States of America (USA) was celebrating Independence Day on July 4. This launch may be the first intercontinental test, prompting the US to call for an urgent closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council.

In The Guardian, it is said that Kim Jong-un urged his nuclear scientists to “frequently send large and small gift packages to the Yankees” in the form of more missiles and nuclear tests, “expressing satisfaction” after inspecting The Hwasong-14 missile, impressed by how it had been produced.

The missile on Tuesday fell to the Sea of Japan, but as reported by the US command at the time, it was not a threat to North America because it was a medium-range missile. But North Korean forces have disputed and asserted that the missile’s reach is intercontinental. On Tuesday, the United States confirmed that it had been an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The ballistic missile flew longer than any North Korean missile test carried out to date: 37 minutes, implying that the Kim Jong-un regime could have the ability to attack the state of Alaska.

Korea has been conducting several missile launch tests in recent months. The last took place on June 8, in which four anti-Nazi missiles were launched, which covered 200 kilometers and sank in the East Sea.


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