Tangier is an American island located in the Chesapeake Bay, in the state of Virginia, USA.

Located on the largest estuary in the country, this island is known for its fishing tradition of crabs and oyster picking, attracting the attention of linguists because its inhabitants speak an old English form dating back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I, who ruled England From 1558 to 1603. It is believed, moreover, that this dialect changed very little since the arrival of the first settlers of the British islands, in the case in 1686.


Most recently, the island jumped into the pages of American newspapers for a less curious or funny reason. It is that Tangier is literally disappearing, and much of its territory is already a veritable swamp.

According to an article published this week in the Huffington Post, President Donald Trump will have said Major James “Ooker” Eskridge not to worry about rising sea levels, “your island has been here for hundreds of years and I believe it stays here for Plus a few hundred “. But the truth is that Tangier has already lost about 70 percent of its land surface since 1850. And the US Army engineering team predicts a terrible water surge over the next 20 years that will force the remaining residents to leave the bay of Chesapeake. And we say the remaining, because the population has already decreased from 1500 to 450 people.

In fact, as the seas rise, scientists adjust their projections to an era of flooding – according to some predictions, there are areas of Miami Beach, for example, which may be uninhabitable by 2050 -, so the situation in Tangier Represents an early glimpse of a much more complex problem.

The US president will have linked Eskridge after a CNN report on the island’s endangered future. Residents were enthusiastic about the White House call and used it to attract more media attention, trying to gather support for the construction of a protective wall.

Anna Pruitt-Parks, a Tangier city council member, opened a page on the GoFundMe fundraising website to raise money to buy 550 copies of a documentary about the island, “Pieces of Tangier” by filmmaker Jenny Roberts. The plan is to send the video to all members of the Federal Government, as well as President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. As Pruitt-Parks explains in GoFundMe, a letter should accompany the films, explaining “Tangier’s story, his current situation and detailing the help that is needed to save our island and our history.” The first objective has already been reached, the videos will be sent, but it is not known if they will get the attention of the government and change something. It remains to be said that about 87 percent of the population of Tangier voted in Trump in the presidential elections.


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