The harsh reality of farmers

Everywhere in the world, being a farmer means working seven days a week – 52 weeks a year – having a tough life and being at the mercy of the big multinationals in the food and nature industry.

Photographer Elliot Ross, born in New York, spent some time with farmer Jim Mertens and his family to portray, with images, their day-to-day and the hardness of their profession. The result is a series of photos – The Reckoning Days – which highlights the daily struggles of these men and women who, in recent years, have undergone all turmoil – economic and natural.

According to Ross, the American farmer today has several dilemmas, one of which is to embrace a life of effective poverty due to the dynamic movements of the industry with which it counts to survive and extreme weather conditions.

Ross’s work has similar backgrounds in the 1930s and ’40s during the Great Depression – the photographer hopes his project will inspire Americans to try to solve the problems of farmers and workers in this industry in crisis.


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