The quality of the food in prison is declining due to cuts in funding of prisons.


American prisons are increasingly less care in relation to their prisoners. According to an American study Michael Gibson-Light at the University of Arizona, the prisoners have even preferred noodles instead of cigarettes. It’s because?

In its conclusions, which will be presented next Monday, dried noodles packages are being used by the prisoners not only to pay for goods to others but also to pay for services such as cleanings, says the Indepedent.

Much of what Michael wants to highlight in your research is the poor quality that it is making in American prisons. The noodles come because apparently last longer (just put them hot and ready to serve) and its nutritional value is higher or lower.

“Across the nation we can see that the prisons are suffering big cuts and this is also reflected in the ‘economy’ that exists within the prison. The prisoners are so dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of food in prison, who rely on noodles – as cheap and durable product that is – as a form of money in its economy, “he explained the researcher.



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