It is neither suspect nor accused, but the US authorities are investigating Farage’s calls to Trump’s campaign and the founder of WikiLeaks, the British newspaper The Guardian reports.

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Former UK Eurosceptic party leader Nigel Farage will be investigated as part of the US intelligence agency’s inquiry into the possible link between elements of Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’s effort to influence the United States presidential elections.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Nigel Farage has entered the radar of the investigation of the FBI, the NSA and the CIA due to the relations that will have like elements of the campaign of Donald Trump and Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

Farage visited Julian Assange at the embassy of Ecuador in London, where he is in exile in March.

During the campaign, WikiLeaks e-mailed emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta that would have undermined the former Senator’s campaign for New York, which emails, according to former CIA director John Brennan, that the organization will have Cooperation with Russia through third parties.

At this point, Nigel Farage was not charged with any crime, nor has he considered a suspect or the target of an investigation of his own, but their connection has aroused the interest of authorities who believe that the British politician may have information that can help clarify what has happened Effectively during the campaign.



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