Nigel Farage, the former leader of the Eurosceptic and anti-immigration UKIP, participated Wednesday in a campaign of action of the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, and launched a call to win the power in Washington.


The initiative in Jackson (Mississippi), Trump presented Farage as “brilliant” author of “Brexit”, the option taken by the United Kingdom in a referendum to leave the EU.

“I came to the UK with a message of hope and optimism,” said the British politician, urging supporters of Trump working to “win the polls, winning commentators and beat Washington”, as well as major banks and multinationals.

“Everything is possible if there is enough decent people to fight the power,” said Farange, 52, who resigned the leadership of the Party of the UK Independence (UKIP) after leaving victorious in the June referendum, considering it had fulfilled the goal of his life.

Farange also urged Republicans not to fall in dismay and recalled that the surveys carried out on the same day of the referendum in the UK condemned the “Brexit” a clear defeat, which did not happen.

“We come to these people who had never voted – but believe me – to vote for ‘Brexit’ regained control of their country, its borders, regained pride and self-esteem,” said the MEP.

Farange also sent a message to the US president, who was in London at the invitation of former British Prime Minister David Cameron to campaign for the UK stay in the European Union.

“The letter that our prime minister decided to play in the referendum was to invite a foreign visitor to go to London. Yes, Barack Obama visited us. Underestimated us, treated us as if we were nothing,” he noted.

Farage – who said he did not intend to resemble Obama meddling in the affairs of other countries – also said that if the US would not vote in the Democrat Hillary Clinton “not to pay him.”

The appearance of Farage, known for its anti-immigration ideas, in the election campaign comes at a time when Trump tries to moderate his speech to dispel stigma “racist” and seduce the Hispanic vote and African American.


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