Nicobar pigeons

Nicobar Pigeon1

Have you ever heard of the Nicobar Pigeon? They are the closest living relatives of the dodo and are absolutely stunning.

Nicobar Pigeon2

Even being in the same family, the Nicobar Pigeon have little resemblance to the extinct dodo. If the dodo pigeon was a little beauty, with its mixed feathers and long peak, the Nicobar Pigeon is a mesmerizing beauty.

Nicobar Pigeon3

Brightly colored, with white and covered tail feathers of blue, green and copper, this bird has its natural habitat in the coastal regions of the Nicobar Islands.

Nicobar Pigeon5

Situated right in the Indian Ocean, these islands are the perfect home this animal magnificent, almost on the verge of extinction.

Nicobar Pigeon4

The selection of images is the Bored Panda and clearly shows the immense beauty of this little-known bird.

Nicobar Pigeon6 Nicobar Pigeon7


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