Astronomers find new dwarf planet


In a strange coincidence, the enthusiasm of these scientists are not exactly in this celestial body, without major reasons of reference, but the method used throughout this investigation, which could have a high impact in future investigations.

The now discovered planet is located about 13,680 million kilometers from Earth and it was only possible to achieve it thanks to the innovative detection method developed by David Gerdes, physicist and astronomer at the University of Michigan, USA.

A powerful telescope installed in the Chilean Andes was also decisive for this historic achievement.

The method developed by David Gerdes is based on the observation picture by picture of strong images captured by the machine designed to create a distant galaxies maps, the Dark Energy Camera.

“Galaxies and stars are so far away that you can not register their movements in machine images. However, the celestial bodies in the solar system change somewhat its position over time, “Gerdes said the radio station NPR.

Only then was it possible to detect smaller differences in the positions of celestial bodies and calculate its orbit.

But Gerdes not want to stay here, with Planet 9 to be the main objective of his scientific work. A few months ago, Californians scientists published a scientific study defending the existence of a huge planet, with size 10 times greater than the Earth, which would be located in the area behind the orbit of Pluto.

Since then dubbed Planet 9 has aroused immense curiosity of the scientific community.

Gerdes is no exception, structuring the most of your future work in this hallucinatory search. “We have good opportunities to find it.

It would be the most important astronomical discovery of our generation. The game is in full swing, “he said Gerdes.


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