The idea is defended by the scientist at the University of Bath in England. Others say that it is “speculation.”

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A promising new discovery challenging nature, and perhaps one day, allowing two men may have a child with one another.

The discovery breaks the idea that it is only possible to conceive when an egg is fertilized by sperm. A group of researchers now suggests that it is possible to conceive babies using other body cells, such as skin.

The experiment, conducted by scientists at the University of Bath in England, was carried out in mice and suggests that, in the future, you can merge with other sperm cells, such as skin, to produce babies.

That said, the role of the female reproductive system loses its importance in the reproduction process.

According to The Independent other scientists consider the speculative scenario, but not hypothesize out of the question.

The same publication states that the discovery means that, so gay couples can have biological children or women whose reproductive system was removed can still have children with recourse to other cells.


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